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It's time to invest in professional video services you can trust.

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Our full line of professional video services secures trust and deepens connections between your business and your most valuable stakeholders. 

Multi-Purpose Custom Content

Full Service Professional Video

Industry leaders trust us to provide them with strategic video concepts and steer each project from initial ideas to the final deployed video. 


At NightGlass we design and produce custom video solutions that can be used for any communication or marketing need.   

In-House Studio & Team

Have full project freedom, we have our own studio!


We never outsource our work so our clients can trust their projects are perfected by our in-house NightGlass team with over 25 years of experience in professional video production.  

Let's get your efforts of incorporating video into your story off to a great start. 

✅ Custom Made Content

✅ Industry Leading Clients

✅ Award Winning Video Production

Your personal data is important to us.

We secure and never share your information.

Chip Ingram 

CEO & Teaching Pastor

Living On The Edge

“NightGlass Media is the group that we use. In a powerful clear way what they do is they take your message, your concept, in a way that fits who you really are and gets it to your customers and the people you wanna communicate with. 


Let me encourage you. If you want to get your message out in a clear and powerful way it's the NightGlass Media Group you'll wanna use.” 

Randy Salisbury

SVP &Chief Marketing Officer 

Streamline Health

“They have an uncanny ability to find better solutions to meet my needs. 


I might call them with an idea on how to do something. They always add value by rethinking it and coming up with a better approach.” 

A.L. Williams


A.L. Williams (Primerica)

"I would not trust any other company, anywhere, to tell the incredible legacy story of our business. "

Greg Martin


Renaissance Association Management LLC

"NightGlass is a fantastic business partner to work with.


Whatever your strategy is, they can help you achieve it."

Your personal data is important to us.

We secure and never share your information.

Drop us a line. We'll look over your project details to start developing your next custom video solution.

Greater ROI & Sales Conversions.

Professionally produced video outranks competing ads. Getting your business higher engagement rates and returns, while lowering conversion costs. 


Why Your 2020 Marketing Initiatives Need Professionally Produced Video Content

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